Agile is an effective innovation process for design managers to apply to product development teams.


There are many different methodologies of Agile, such as SCRUM, XP, The Crystal family and EVO (Goodpasture 2010). SCRUM is the most common and simplest one. At first, SCRUM was for software development projects, but now it can also be adapted to a very wide range of projects, including product development. This method is very cost-effective for a small development team. Stakeholders and customers will have more confidence within this process (Cobb 2015). Therefore, this simplest and most common Agile process is suitable for this project.


However, there are also some disadvantages to the agile method. Such as the guarantee about the total cost and timescale is weak and it is highly relying on the daily check for each task (Cobb 2015). So the design manager must pay attention to these aspects to make sure the development can go smoothly.


Scrum framework (Courtesy of Rally 2015)